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Oct 23rd (Wed) Practice!
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19th Oct 2013

This is the first practice session for ~`xL.  I hope to see as many of us there as I can.  The server we will have practice on is still on the table so PLEASE keep checking this post and I will be updating under it with any new information including server, and time of practice.  I'd also like a quick comment whether you can make it or not.  I was figuring the best time to have practice is either at 6pm or 8 pm.  Practice would only last about half hour.  After that you are free to leave or stick around and keep playing with the others in the clan and warming up.  There is a chance the gen pop will have access to same server during practice.  Stick with the goal of learning from each other, playing off each others skills and taking the time to get to know the rest of the clan and helping those you can as well as receive help from those that you feel you can benefit from.  I will work on shutting the server down to only clan members but I will let you know closer to next Wed.

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Forum » Main Room » ~`xL Practice Information
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