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New Server coming very soon!
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22nd Oct 2013

Thank you so much to Acu and Nelg for working hard on server status.  Though the lag on Nelg server, the demo server Acu.  I just feel we need to put in some pocket change and set up a server the right way.  And that's exactly what I'm doing.  I am getting a 16 slot server from Lightfoot.  I'm talking with them now.  I have codes ready for it and ready to be addressed.  Once I hear back from them I'll be setting it up and it will be ready by Wed or Thursday.  If it's not ready till Thursday or later.  The wed practice I set up will be pushed to only Saturday.  Time is unknown as of yet.  Keep checking the practice area of the forums. 

This will be a DF server.  If all goes well and things hit off I may grow our options and add another server of a different game play.  That is if we add more people from other game types, such as Fort, CTF, or sumo.  I will post once the server is complete and set up and operating.  Thanks for your patience everyone!

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