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Hello Clan! PLZ READ!
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18th Oct 2013

Nice to see mostly everyone on the grid!  It's been nice to see our growth.  It's frustrating as a new clan.  I've talked to a couple people that are being relentlessly torched by other clans from trolls to people trying to take over the server we now have on the grid.  But don't let them stop you. let it feed your knowledge, learn from it and we will grow together as a clan.  We have all different levels of experienced players and it's now time we get some clan practice in.  We need to set up schedules for practice sessions on our server.  Which means I NEED to know when people are available.  Or I will just start scheduling practice sessions blind.  This will happen by next Friday (1 week).  I spent the majority today going over our server and talking with eeZ and getting the settings just were they should be for our practices.  It's perfect as long as no one messes with them or the server get's screwy.  I'm not sure what's been going on with it  but it hasn't quit acted right lately.  If you're in there and anyone has a concern please tell them to talk to me, Acu, or Vyre. 


You are apart of ~`xL.  we have a forum.  PLEASE start using it! We can't have a strong clan without strong communication.  When we are on the grid we can get distracted very easily and things can't be saved with conversations.  Here we can speak out freely and get to know what's going on.  People leaving or being aka for vacation/holidays/etc., new applicants, clan practice schedules, important messages SUCH AS THIS ONE, and anything else going on.  I need everyone within the next week to start getting more active on the forums here.  It looks bad and it feels lonely in here all by my self!!!! so show some effort please!  Whether it's once a day or every other day you need to pop in and voice something.  If you know you will be gone for a week or longer either post it in the  ~`xL. Announcements part of the forum.  If time management is an issue it helps right before you get on the grid, or right after, to get on here really quick and see what's going on.  I do both, including checking in just as much as FB.  But I'm an admin I'll be on much more then most of you to keep everyone as active as I can.  I can lead you here. You have to do the rest.  What discussions are happening and if there are any new apps.  If there are any new applications for membership for the clan they WILL be in a waiting period of one week till we accept them.  This week will determine if they stay active on the forums, the grid, and developing a knowledge for there level of skills. I also expect anyone that see these apps to go in and say a quick hello and good luck. Make them feel at home, and show them others are active too.  This is my rant for the day.  Thank you for stopping by.  Anyone that hasn't made an effort by next Friday (Nov. 25th) consider your self not apart of ~`xL. as of then. Remember.  We're here to have fun.  But you also are apart of a clan now.  And we can't go on blind if we are going to make something of this clan.  Help support this by bookmarking this website and being more active.  I appreciate everyone here and would like to see everyone stay!  Help make that possible.  Thank you.


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